Thrasher Magazine (May 2024)


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The May 2024 issue of Thrasher Magazine celebrates Miles Silvas as the Skater of the Year for 2023. Joining him on a trip to Mexico City are Tiago, Ishod, P-Rod, and Shanahan, making for a star-studded adventure. The issue features extensive coverage of Silvas' achievement, including BA's Rusty trophy on eBay, TNT's "People I've Known," Silas Baxter-Neal's reflections on his own win, and Tyshawn Jones passing the torch.

Additionally, readers can delve into Gregson's exploration of the Baltics, Nike's journey to New Zealand, and coverage of the Swampfest, complete with mud. Plus, the issue includes a sticker sheet and poster, making it a must-have for skateboarding enthusiasts. Don't miss out—grab your copy now!

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