Slime Balls Wheels Creature Atomic Light Ups OG Slime GITD Green (60mm/78a)

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Introducing the Slime Balls X Creature Skateboards Atomic Light Ups 60mm, 78a Glow in the Dark wheels, showcasing graphic art by @koolaidmustache with digital multi-color printed graphics and green LED lights.

The glow-in-the-dark urethane charges while rolling, providing bright illumination even after stopping. Featuring LED lights that activate when rolling, powered by the wheel spacer and core rotation—no batteries needed. Equipped with removable/replaceable Bronson Speed Co. G2 bearings. The Slimeballs OG Slime shape ensures versatile, symmetrical center-bearing cruiser wheels with soft, 78a urethane. *Special spacers required & axle nuts may need tightening for proper light-up operation.

Family OG Slime
Road Surface 30
Size 60mm
Wheel Hardness 78a
Width 40
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