On Hollywood Tee Minor Threat Bottled Violence S/S (Red)


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The On Hollywood Tee Minor Threat Bottled Violence S/S (Red) pays homage to the influential punk band Minor Threat. Here are some skaters who have been featured in videos while skating to their music:

  • Lizard King in Pig's "Slaughterhouse."
  • Tony Cervantes in Zero's "New Blood."
  • Chris Lambert in Planet Earth's "Silver."
  • Dakota Servold in Foundation's "WTF!" and Nike SB's "The SB Chronicles Vol. 02."
  • Elijah Akerley in Western World's "Awaysted."
  • Dane Burman in Zero's "Damn It All."
  • Jeff Taylor in Planet Earth's "Hiatus," among many other trailers and montages.

Minor Threat's music has had a significant impact on skateboarding culture, with its fast-paced, high-energy sound often accompanying raw street skateboarding footage, adding to the intensity and rebellious spirit of the sport.

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