Lovesick Deck Team Losing You (8.5)


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The "Lovesick Deck Team Losing You" presents a poignant and evocative image. This artwork depicts a blue rose fading away, symbolizing loss or the transient nature of love. Behind the rose, an image of a starlet, from the golden era of Hollywood, adding a nostalgic and romantic touch to the composition. The background could feature a starry night sky, creating a dreamy and atmospheric backdrop.

The combination of elements—the fading rose, the image of the starlet, and the starry night background—suggests themes of longing, memory, and the passage of time. The blue rose, in particular, may symbolize unattainable or lost love, while the starry night sky adds a sense of wonder and infinite possibility.

With a width of 8.5 inches, this skateboard deck offers stability and control, suitable for various skateboarding styles. The combination of emotive imagery and functional design makes the "Lovesick Deck Team Losing You" a visually striking and emotionally resonant piece.

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