Lovesick Deck Team Farewell Split (8.25)


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The "Lovesick Deck Team Farewell Split" features a provocative and surreal image. This artwork depicts a hand with a cut-off finger, with monarch butterfly wings extending behind it. A human eye is depicted on the palm of the hand.

The imagery suggests themes of transformation, loss, and metamorphosis. The hand with the cut-off finger may symbolize separation, farewell, or the loss of a part of oneself. The monarch butterfly wings represent the potential for growth and renewal, as butterflies are often associated with transformation and rebirth. The human eye on the palm adds a sense of introspection and observation, hinting at the inner journey and self-awareness.

The combination of these elements creates a striking and thought-provoking composition, inviting viewers to contemplate themes of change, identity, and resilience.

With a width of 8.25 inches, this skateboard deck likely offers a balance between stability and maneuverability, suitable for various skateboarding styles. The combination of provocative imagery and functional design makes the "Lovesick Deck Team Farewell Split" a compelling piece that encourages reflection and dialogue.

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