Lovesick Deck Eternal Rose (8.5)


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The "Lovesick Deck Eternal Rose" features a striking design with a skull on a red rose motif at both ends of the board. This design evokes a sense of edginess and romanticism, combining elements of darkness with the symbolism of eternal love represented by the rose. The skull adds a touch of rebellion and mystery to the artwork, while the red rose symbolizes love, passion, and beauty.

With an 8.5-inch width, this skateboard deck likely offers stability and control for riders, making it suitable for various skateboarding styles. The combination of the bold design and functional features makes the "Lovesick Deck Eternal Rose" a standout piece both visually and practically, appealing to skateboarders and art enthusiasts alike.

8.5 x 31.8 x 14.25

Produced by BBS Mfg. (Bareback)

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