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The Ace Standard/Stock Bushings are replacement bushings designed to offer optimal performance for both AF1 and Classics trucks. They feature different hardness ratings for the top and bottom bushings:

  • Top Bushing: 91a
  • Bottom Bushing: 86a

The 91a top bushing provides a slightly firmer feel, offering responsiveness and stability for precise control while turning. On the other hand, the softer 86a bottom bushing enhances smoothness and absorbs shocks, contributing to a more comfortable ride.

This combination of bushing hardnesses allows for a balanced and customized feel in your trucks, catering to your specific preferences and riding style. Whether you're cruising around town or shredding at the skatepark, these bushings are engineered to deliver reliable performance and enhanced maneuverability.

Ace Standard/Stock Bushings
Replacement bushings ideal for both AF1 & Classics

Top - 91a
Bottom - 86a

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