5Boro Deck Team Always Run Shred Shape Assorted (8.75)


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The 5Boro Deck Team Always Run Shred Shape Assorted (8.75) features a bold and rebellious design with a message "Always Run from the Police." It showcases a Mickey Mouse character in a cape, sprinting away. This 8.75-inch wide deck, with its unique shape and striking artwork, captures the edgy spirit of skateboarding culture. Perfect for those who appreciate a blend of creativity and performance, this deck is designed to offer both durability and style for street and park riding.

5B X Brendan Lee, @brendan on Instagram

5B Always Run From Police Red Wood Veneer Colorway, Shred Shape Deck.

Veneer woodgrain and stains vary in pigment as does the actual grain of the wood.

Made in U.S.A.

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