Santa Cruz Deck Rob Roskopp One Reissue (10.35)


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Introducing the Santa Cruz Skateboards Rob Roskopp One Reissue deck, presenting the meticulously updated OG Roskopp 1 shape adorned with spot matte graphics on a fully dipped white background and featuring a laser-etched reissue logo on the top of the deck.

Crafted from 7-ply North American Maple, each deck undergoes individual pressing using epoxy. This method ensures the creation of a robust, responsive deck that maintains enduring pop and a consistently shaped concave and kick.

The inclusion of an Old School concave adds a nostalgic touch to the design. Characterized by a comfortable side-to-side concave and a continuous tail kick, the OS concave facilitates easy foot placement on cruisers, shaped boards, and old school decks with a longer tail than nose.

Construction 7-ply
Family Reissue
Length 30.06 in
Noselength 2.746 in
Taillength 6.566 in
Wheelbase 15.750 in
Width 10.35
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