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The On Hollywood Patch The Clash London Calling pays tribute to one of punk rock's most iconic bands and their profound influence on skateboarding culture. The Clash's music, with its raw energy and rebellious spirit, has provided the perfect soundtrack for countless skateboarding videos and moments.

Skaters who have skated to The Clash:

  • 411VM - Best Of 411, Volume 5
    • Anthony Van Engelen Wheels Of Fortune: "12 Jewelz - Clash Of The Continents"
  • Almost - Round Three
    • Rodney Mullen #1: The Clash - "Train in Vain"
  • Arcade - Gumbo
    • Pontus Alv: The Clash - "Rock the Casbah"
    • Credits: The Clash - "Bankrobber"
  • Foundation - Nervous Breakdown
    • Judd Hertzer: The Clash - "Tommy Gun"
  • Powell - Magic
    • Moses Itkonen: The Clash - "The Magnificent Dance"
  • Thrasher - Double Rock
    • Chet Childress & Jason Adams: The Clash - "Police On My Back"
  • 5boro - Join, Or Die.
    • Guillaume Dulout: The Clash - "Somebody Got Murdered"
  • Habitat - Search The Horizon
    • Mark Suciu #2: Beach Fossils - "Clash The Truth"
  • Baker - Ams
    • Kader Sylla: The Clash - "Straight To Hell"
  • Sour - The Sour Solution II
    • Albert Nyberg: The Clash - "The Man In Me"
  • Etnies - High 5
    • Mathias Ringstrom, Darren Navarrette, Rune Glifberg: The Clash - "The Magnificent Seven"

This patch not only showcases The Clash's rebellious spirit and musical legacy but also highlights their enduring influence within the skateboarding community.

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