Creature Deck Chris Russell Flash VX (8.6)


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Creature Deck Chris Russell Flash VX (8.6)- The new Fiend Flash VX Pro Series from Creature is here! This deck features wicked tattoo flash artwork by @astrotravelling, tempting you to hit the tattoo shop after riding it. The VX construction makes this deck thinner, stronger, and more responsive than standard 7-ply decks, boasting 5 plies of North American Maple and 2 layers of Quad X technology for extra durability and pop.

The ATV concave design, with its universal medium depth and symmetrical nose and tail kick, ensures top performance across all terrains and for all skaters. Whether you're shredding the park or cruising the streets, this deck is built to deliver.

Construction 5-ply Quad X
Family VX
Length 31.95 in
Noselength 6.90 in
Taillength 6.60 in
Wheelbase 14.25 in
Width 8.60 in
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